StanCon 2023 registration open! Scholarship application open!


See Stan - StanCon 2023 for details or simply head to box office!

Please email for comments, questions, and suggestions. You can also make StanCon related discussions in this thread.

We look forward to meeting you in St. Louis!

Yi Zhang on behalf of StanCon 2023 organization committee


The deadline for proposals has been extended to April 30th. We are looking for proposals for talks, themed sessions, tutorials and posters.

We are interested in a broad range of topics relevant to the Stan community, including:

  • Applications of Bayesian statistics using Stan in all domains
  • Software development to support or complement the Stan ecosystem
  • Methods for Bayesian modeling, relevant to a broad range of users
  • Theoretical insights on common Bayesian methods and models
  • Visualization techniques
  • Tools for teaching Bayesian modeling

Keep in mind that StanCon brings together a diverse audience. Material which focuses on an application should introduce the problem to non-field experts; theoretical insights should be linked to problems modelers are working on, etc.

We review proposals on a rolling basis and can often make decisions before the submission deadline. Accepted talks will progressively get added to the schedule.

We already have a handful of speakers lined up who will cover a diversity of topics, including interfacing Stan with custom inference algorithms, applications in multiple fields, Bayesian methodology, new visualisation tools, comparisons to other ppl such as Turing.jl, and more.

(and that’s not including some of the exciting submissions we’ve recently received, although I can’t comment too much…)

We still have open slots in the schedule for more presenters and we encourage applications. Please pass this message along to colleagues who might be interested in participating.

As always, questions can be addressed to