This category is for issues with specifying models as Stan programs or fitting them in Stan.


This category is for questions about the algorithms in Stan and how best to use them.


This category is for general discussion that doesn't fit within any of the existing categories.


This category is for discussion relevant to the development of Stan. This includes the present and future of the core Stan code and its interfaces.


This category is for sharing any work using or discussing Stan, including publications and blog posts. We particularly encourage users to share any awesome research done with Stan!


This category is for questions regarding the installation and use of the Stan interfaces.


This category is for advertising jobs or consulting opportunities using Stan, or your availability for those positions.


This category is for official announcements regarding Stan releases and activities.

Project Proposals

This category is for proposing programming or research projects for Stan. If you are interested in helping to resolve any of these issues then put together a small proposal, no more than a few paragraphs, on how you would tackle the problem and post as a new topic in this category.

Google Summer of Code

This category is for correspondence with students applying to or participating with Stan’s Google Summer of Code efforts.