PyMCon is happening. We invite you all to submit proposals and/or attend

Hi all,
The PyMC folks were so inspired by StanCON that we decided to copy you all run a virtual PyMCon. Currently our CFP is open and we’d welcome any submissions that you believe would be interesting to the community.

Up front it might seem strange that I’m posting this on the Stan discourse but to address that I’d just like to say, with a terrible analogy, that Stan and PyMC are two chains sampling the same distribution of making rigorous and principled statistics the norm, not the exception. And we’re doing it both from the computer side with excellent tooling, and from the community side by engaging folks.

We also have a history of collaboration and I’m super excited to announce here, publicly for the first time, @avehtari will be a keynote speaker!

For all those reasons I hope folks here find a receptive audience for the Bayesian ideas you’d like to share if you submit a proposal, and if you decide to attend you find some value as well! More details are on Happy to answer any questions here as well!