Looking for speaker to talk about BridgeStan for Bayesian Data Analysis Meetup

Hi All,

So I’m looking for speakers for either Jan, Feb, or March of 2024 to talk about BridgeStan at the
Bayesian Data Analysis Meetup.

If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll arrange for us to do an in-person meetup to talk about BridgeStan and we can try and do a webinar around it as well.
I think this is a pretty cool framework for Stan and would like to spread more knowledge about it if we can.

Thanks again and hope to hear back from the community,



Cool. Thinking about who knows a lot about bridgestan, if you’re looking for someone to come in person in NYC then maybe @WardBrian, @Bob_Carpenter or @mitzimorris. If it’s virtual then @roualdes may be interested.


Thanks @jonah, much appreciated! Yeah, I think we’re going to shoot for in person right now. It would be some months away so I can plan for it.

I’d be interested


in the meantime, here are slides for a talk I gave in March 2023 at BayesComp in Levi, Finland, which is not quite as easy to get to as NYC, but had a surprising number of Bayesian Statisticians per capita (at the time).


Awesome, I appreciate you doing this! Okay, cool I’ll come up with a date in January for this and get back to you. Most likely we’ll do this at a co-working space I belong to. Thanks again @WardBrian! I’ll forward you the details soon!

Cool, I’ll check it out @mitzimorris!

Hey @WardBrian so the date we’re going to have the meetup will be January 26th on Friday at 6:30 pm. I’ll host it at 28 Liberty St at Serendipity Labs which is on the 6th floor. I’ll make sure you have a pass to get in. Also, if you can provide me with a brief introduction about yourself I’ll put it in the meetup description. Thanks again!