Bayesian Data Analysis Meetup on January 26, 2024 @ 6:30 pm

Hi All,

First Happy New Year to everyone! Hope all is well.
For the Bayesian Data Analysis Meetup we have @WardBrian from the Flatiron Institute giving a talk on BridgeStan.
The event will be free to all and there are some refreshments there as well.
There is still plenty of room so please come through. It will be at Serendipity Labs Private Offices and Coworking @ 28 Liberty Street on the 6th floor. Please make sure when you sign up to give your full name as we will need it for security to let you up. I’m looking forward to seeing the community there and happy to make sure we get talks like this year round.

Here’s the link to the meetup:

Please come through one and all!