New Bayesian Data Analysis Meetups

Hey All,

Happy New Year to everyone!

I recently took over the Bayesian Data Analysis meetup as an organizer and I’m looking for meetup ideas and topics that people in the community want to present on or talk about.

If you’re someone who has a particular Stan, Turing, INLA, or another Bayesian inference framework topic and would like to speak, please let me know and I will organize an event or webinar around it. The events will be largely free and we will do in-person meetups once the current wave of tripledemic stuff is over. Happy to hear from all of you and looking forward to some good times.

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Anyone know of similar events happening in London?

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I don’t know about London per se but there is a cool group in Berlin that’s doing a similar event and they cover different frameworks as well.

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Congrats on taking over the Bayesian Data Analysis meetup! It sounds like you’re doing a great job keeping things interesting and relevant for the community.
Regarding meetup ideas, how about exploring the use of Bayesian inference frameworks in the context of data integration? Many data integration tools use these frameworks to help integrate data from different sources so that it could be a cool and useful topic for your members. Just a thought! Good luck with your future events, and I hope to see some great topics and discussions.

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