New York City Bayesian Inference Course with RStan and PyStan

@seantalts and I will be teaching a three day course in New York City this coming November, The course will cover probability theory, common distributions, Bayesian inference, a principled Bayesian workflow, regression modeling, hierarchical modeling, and a few more goodies all complemented with extensive interactive exercises in RStan and PyStan.

The only prerequisites are a solid understanding of linear algebra, concepts in calculus (derivatives and integrals), a familiarity with your favorite between R and Python. In particular, this will be my first public course using a new module that covers all of the important concepts in probability theory as well as a review of important probability distributions and their applications.


Hi Michael,

I left a message with the organizer asking for the vendor information my employer needs to register me for the course. They haven’t gotten back to me. If you have it, could you send me the following information :

Vendor name:
Vendor Address:
Vendor email address and phone number.


@saja The request is being handled. Please reach out to me via direct message or email in the future for a more targeted response. Thanks!