StanCon 2024: Oxford, UK in September!

On behalf of the Stan Governing Body, I’m pleased to announce that the next StanCon will take place at Oxford University in the UK. The effort is spearheaded by Michael Collyer (University of Oxford) and the full organization committee is listed at Stan - StanCon 2024. The team this year includes several veteran Stan users across a broad range of fields, as well as pedagogues who have immensely contributed to the teaching of Bayesian statistics.

The tentative date for the event is the week of September 9th - 13th. As more details become available, we will post them on the StanCon webpage.

I must add that we were very fortunate this year to have several high-quality proposals to host StanCon. The enthusiasm of the community across the globe is inspiring and we’ll tap into this energy to organize future StanCons and events, and continue our mission to reach out and connect the Stan community.