StanCon 2019, Cambridge, early registration ends June 1

StanCon 2019 is happening August 20-21 (tutorials), August 22-23 (conference) in Cambridge UK.

Stan, everyone’s favorite Bayesian modeling language, is having its annual conference. Both the tutorials and conference have lots of networking time, we will be playing football (soccer to those in the US) and we have a big fun dinner Thursday night.

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We are still accepting posters on a rolling basis (4 day decision) until August 15.

There are two days of tutorials (Tuesday August 20, Wednesday August 21) and three tracks. More details on the website. Tutorials include:

  • Basics of Bayesian inference and Stan . 2 full days August 20, 21, This is our standard introductory class that presupposes some familiarity with statistics (not necessarily Bayesian). This is an excellent value given we usually charge $1,500 for this course commercially. Instructors Jonah Sol Gabry, Lauren Kennedy, Mitzi Morris. Track 1.
  • Introduction to Stan for Programmers --No statistics background required. August 20, 21 mornings with afternoon exercises. R/Python based introduction to both Stan and statistics. This is a new course for programmers who are curious about Bayesian methods. Class limited to 30. Instructors Jonathan Auerbach, Breck Baldwin. Track 2.
  • A Dive into Stan’s C++ Model Concept . August 20, afternoon. An overview of Stan’s internals, useful for developers or modelers who want to know the inner workings of Stan. Instructor Daniel Lee. Track 2.
  • Model assessment and selection . August 21, afternoon. Aki gave an hour presentation at StanCon Helsinki on this exact topic, this is the long version. Instructor Aki Veharti. Track 2.
  • Hierarchical Modeling with Stan . August 20, 21 mornings. This course has only been taught during StanCons. Advanced topics covered by the author of RStanArm and RStan. Instructor Ben Goodrich. Track 3.
  • ** Population and ODE-based models using Stan and Torsten** . August 20, 21 afternoons. The tutorial focuses on examples from pharmacometrics although he methods discussed apply to other fields: e.g. epidemiology, geology, econometrics. Torsten is specialized open source extension to Stan. Instructors Charles Margossian, Yi Zhang. Track 3.

The main conference is a single track, 9-5pm Thursday August 22 and Friday August 23. We have two invited speakers:

  • David Spiegelhalter, will speak on “Communicating Uncertainty about Facts, Numbers and Science”
  • Lauren Kennedy, will speak on “Out of sample prediction and the quest for generalization”

We have 34 submitted papers/poster at this point, their rough breakdown is (abstracts at:

  • 10 Pharmaceuticals/Medicine
  • 16 Bayesian Modeling
  • 6 Inference/Validation
  • 2 Core Stan

Pricing for the tutorials are £100 for Students, £275 for Junior Academics/Startups and £350 for Senior Academics/Industry.

Pricing for the conference is £100 for Students, £275 for Junior Academics/Startups and £350 for Senior Academics/Industry.
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Register and information here.