Stan reading material

Can somebody suggest any good (online) book / .pdf with examples on how to code in Stan, apart from the official online documentation?


I would be curious to know first, what you found insufficient about the official online docs? I found the user guide was incredibly extensive and well explained. Would you mind offering points of confusion or insufficiencies, so that they could be improved?

It may also be good to know what would me more useful to you - is it confusing syntax, or do you want more examples for well known models or what?

I agree with you that the user guide is really well explained. I just wanted something that, as you mention, would provide examples of models with actual data so that I can reproduce them myself.

This book Bayesian Statistical Modeling with Stan, R, and Python is quite new. I’ve found it a good resource to refresh my ‘bare’ Stan. I have free access through my Uni so YMMV with regard to access.


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Thanks - I will check it out!

I came to Stan through the book statistical rethinking. It’s a good read and I find it a good complement to the online docs.

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Highly biased recommendation focused in developing and critiquing bespoke models in Stan: Writing -

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