Actual Stan code for Statistical Rethinking?

I’ve become a big fan of the models explored in Statistical Rethinking (SR); however, at my work, only python and PyStan are available on our proprietary distributed computing software. Much of SR is written in ULAM, which is an high level API/wrapper, defining/compiling Stan models.

I understand that ULAM offers some functionality to return the defined Stan model rather than the inferred posterior. I have extremely limited exposure to R and wonder-- has anyone has gone through the book and saved all the source Stan models somewhere convenient?

I know that the book has been ported over to PyMC3; before anyone can suggest this, PyMC3 us not compatible with my works kernels for complicated reasons; so I really do need the text block style Stan models.

If this isn’t yet available, I may teach myself enough R to do this and save in a GitHub repo.

Perhaps this could be of some help?

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