Stan Meeting March 21, 2019

Bob: Working more on OCaml parser, reviewing PRs, writing book.

Mitzi: Docs out for 2.19

Breck: StanCon work

Matthijs: New compiler, working on chickens problem.

Duco: Working on ShinyStan with Jonah.

Andrew: Working on chicken paper.

Dan Simpson: Rhat paper done

Aki: Rhat paper submitted,

Ben Goodrich: Still working on Jacobian problem. Standalone generated quant works independent of services or autodiff. Fix RStudio cloud problem with 2.18. Getting 2.19 going.

Sean: 2.19 is out, thinking about a regular release schedule. Working with Steve to convert GPU to be more efficient. Working with Sebastian and Daniel Lee to figure out threading bug that didn’t make it into 2.19. Have contractor doing mono-repo. Devops.

Steve: Got GPUs out for 2.19.


Breck: Stan Mission Statement committee formed.

Breck: StanCon pricing

Discussion about implementing the new RHat paper.