Stan Meeting Feb 28

Jonah: Finished paper with LOO work

Duco: Working on Shiny Stan.

Matthijs: Working on windows builds on Stan compiler with Jenkins.

Charles: Prepping workshop in Buffalo, NY on Bayesian modeling and pharma, working on Torsten 0.85 release.

Bob: Grant proposal for Schmidt, talked to Flatiron. Working on book.

Mitzi: Gabve meetup on simulated data last week. Went well.

Breck: Leah of NumFOCUS meeting, Stancon update, still waiting on final contract. Considering a user meeting in NYC to help develop the Stan road map.

Sean: Working on GPU, close to hiring a dev ops person, MW 10 am standup meeting on hangouts. Threading pull request sorted out mostly.

Ben: PR for RStan to do SBC stuff. Managed to get RCCP built with Sebastian’s code. Still struggling with TBB but likely just a makefile issue.

General Discussion;

Jonah: Dan Simpson suggests we relax requirements for submitting to Stancon. Take abstracts rather than finished products. Should help with diversity of submissions.
Action: Breck/Jonah/Laruen to have meeting with Dan Simpson when Lauren gets back.