Feb 14 Stan meeting

Andrew: Conversations about RStan i/o. Update schedule to interface. Chasing funding.

Matthijs: Discrete param stuff with Rhea, Ryan Bernstien and static analysis discussion. Spoke with Steven Edwards also. Compiler work.

Duco: Working on eliciting priors from users. Visiting.

Breck: SGB stuff, StanCon stuff, fundraising.

Sean: Working with Steve and Roc on PRs. Worked on simulation based calibration. Working on maprect. Stan compiler.

Jonah: R packages prep for release, Loo, Bayes plot, ShinyStan and so on.

Charles: Playing around kinsol (sp?)

Mitzi: Pull request for stand alone generated quantities. Met with Advait on Bayes Workflow.

Bob: Applied to Flat Iron, Duco meeting about annotation models.

Paul: Gave BRMS/Stan workshop in Zurich, more BRMS work.

Ben: Met with Andrew/Aki RStan stuff. Working on Rpackage releases. Appying small grant with Micheal Andre.

Aki: Working on Regression and other Stories. Getting good results for adaptation faster and more robust.

Sebastian: ODE pull request efforts.

General session:

Sebastian: Discussed threading issues.

Sebastian: Discussed getting PRs processed.

Matthijs: Parallel For Loop

When do we switch to C++ 17? Limited by R.

Will we get threading into next release. 2.19 will have GPU integration hopefully.