Stan Meeting Feb 14, 2019

Andrew: Getting back to basic research.

Duco: Working on ShinyStan extensions with Jonah

Jonah: Working on ShinyStan backend, LOO has been submitted to CRAN for release. Working on Bayes Plot, StanCon submission issues.

Lauren: Working on papers/grants

Mitzi: Looking at some bugs in anticipation of 2.19, got accepted to presenting to conference in Scotland. Still working on collate feature.

Breck: StanCon moving along, registration to open any day now–waiting on one contract.

Bob: Expression code generator in OCaml. Basic code review in math lib.

Ben: Got stand alone generated quantities working in R. Bunch of interface work.

Sean: Release Monday 2.19 with or without benchmark tests. Working on code generation/GPU code.

Sebastian: Merged develop with PR. Implemented speedups on the reduce step. Need help with threading building blocks on windows.

Aki: Was teaching Copenhagen. Working on some metabolic genetics some researchers he met. Rhat eff sample sample online in few days.

Steve: Have a cmdStan PR in.

Matthijs: static analysis work in the compiler. GP analysis of chicken problem.

General Discussion:

Stan Con submissions. Just requiring abstracts.

Ben: Making RStan and RPackages easier to compile.

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Did I miss that this month is not called March??

Is this the final the decision or still under discussion?

Groan…sorry fixed.

It is final. You are welcome to submit a full notebook/paper as well.