July 11 Stan general meeting

Ben Got Rstan onto CRAN finally, still waiting on binaries to be built. Some problem with SunDials 4.

Lauren: Papers and weights.

Aki: We are doing 2hrs for dev meetings during tutorial days.

Breck RStudio Cloud, class Wed 6:30,

Charles: LaPlace approx, maybe have found the missing order of magnitude, need to implement.

Jonah: Working on bunch of projects for Andrew

Sean: Summary of road map meeting posted on discourse. Organizing a math related meeting after StanCon.

Brian: Checking in on interface functions.

Sebastian: PR for lgamma is waiting, would like to get into 2.20.

Simon: Working on staffing up. Have problem with gamma that is odd, distro looks weird will post to discourse.
SMC sampler progress

  • working on catching up to NUTS
  • Better per flop perf

Steve: Got some PRs in.