Stan Meeting December 13, 2018

Andrew: Lots of meetings with Dan S, Aki etc…, several grant proposals in prep.
Jonah: Lots of meetings, Aki, Dan S, working on Andrew Books. Pull requests. Mitzi meeting about lightweight python. Aki comment: Python transpiler, ibm/yaps.
Lauren: Meetings, LOO, MRP, Spatial structured models.
Mitzi: Working on CmdPython wrapper.
Breck: Governing body work.
Charles: Expanded experiments, thinking of running on cluster, working on revision of Autodiff paper.
Sean: Working with Matthijs on Stan 3, trying to hire contractor for C++ and dev ops. Monorepo, cmake and work on math.
Matthijs: Stan compiler with Sean, improving error messages, tracking down bugs. Working on discrete params for Stan. Maria of Slickstan is helping out.
Aki: In NYC/Montreal, back in Finland, lots of meetings.
Paul: Working on Rhat paper. Working on cross validation. Minor work in BRMS.
Ben G: Pull request for boost update. Bunch of fixes in math library, big Solaris fix. Thinking about adding a multinomial model to RStanArm

General meeting:

Andrew: UI presentation for diagnostics screen in RStan. Will access Extractor. Will share via RHat paper.

Andrew: ADVI in R, get it out of Stan. General discussion of inference research with Stan. Aki will report back on his work in variational inference trying to use PyStan to run experiments in VI with Stan as the back end.