Stan Meeting Notes Oct 11, 2018

As usual individual “what did you get done” reporting followed by general discussion.

Jonah: Just got back from a big European tour, did Stan workshop at U of Milan, met with Paul of BRMS fame and working on case studies for Aki.

Breck: Stan Governing Body work.

Charles: Going to teach a 2-day workshop at McGill University in January.

Mitzi: Working on Stan function reference, breaking down Stan manual into more optimize quanta for search engine lookup.

Bob: Submitted a grant proposal, working on Stan 3 design, worked on Stan book.

Yuling: Worked on arsenic project in Bangladesh, Other work on priors with Andrew.

Andrew: Worked on Bayes for big data with Matthijs, teaching Bayesian class, attended the SGB meeting, looking a some funding with RStudio.

Lauren: Working on Facebook grant, getting notebooks up for StanCon.

Aki: Working on speedups for ADVI, working with people at Jupyter labs.

Ben G: 3rd month trying to get RStan 2.18 up past CRAN. Problems with headers and RStan not being concurrently uploadable. This is annoying CRAN people, not our fault. Teaching Stan class with Jennifer, met with Jim Savage.

==============General Meeting notes================

Bob/Mitzi: Andrew’s Stan book is being to it’s own repo. Being previously in was breaking the continuous integration process.
In 2.18 the manual is being broken out into a separate user guide and reference manual.

Bob/Andrew/Jonah: The heavy use of R in Andrew’s book and in case studies makes Stan look like an R project. Lots of back and forth, Andrew will remove all R references from his book somehow. Both R and Python versions will be created.

Jonah: Do we need to increase Python engagement? Yes.

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Is there any more detail available for this event?