Stan Meeting Notes November 8, 2018

Matthijs: Further progress on OCaml parser for Stan3.

Bob: Good meeting with Ben/Jonah regarding Rstan issues, installation and so on.

Sean: Monorepo work proceeding with help from freelancer.

Teaching a course with Michael Betancourt: Course info Nov 14-16 inclusive.

Met with PyTorch person, they are doing some neat stuff that we could learn from.

Charles: Progress on LaPlace ???Sampler???, working with Aki and working on slides for McGill class. Is also going to be teaching a class at University of Buffalo.

Jonah: Teaching, working with some Swedish folks on modeling software testing suites.

Mitzi: Taught Andrew’s class with ICAR.

Ben G: Sorting out NYU admin on teaching there. RStan is making progress on the Windows side, about to announce new version.

Breck: Met with Microsoft, they are up for helping develop/prototype Stan for programmers by providing students and helping with curriculum (Eric Schles). Bunch of admin, SGB.

Dan S: Will be in NYC Nov 28-Dec 11. Aki will be there too.