Several postdoc positions in probabilistic programming and Bayesian inference in Helsinki

Several open post-doc positions in Aalto and Helsinki in 1. probabilistic programming, 2. simulator-based inference, 3. data-efficient deep learning, 4. privacy preserving and secure methods, 5. interactive AI. I’m the coordinator for the project 1 and contributor in the others. Aalto has also the biggest Stan developer concentration after Columbia and some Stan knowledge is a big advantage when applying. See more at


I think you may be bigger in terms of overall effort than even Columbia, but in terms of official Stan developers, University of Michigan’s in the number two spot with three developers, followed closely by Aalot and Ljubljana, with two each :-)

Hey, I realized @anon79882417 isn’t on our dev list—we need to add him. Maybe we’re missing people from Helsinki, too.

My information was from which lists three in Aalto, and two in Michigan and Ljubljana each :-)

Ah, right—I forgot Paul is hanging out in Helsinki now! We need to add Andre Zapico to the dev list (formerly in Helsinki, now in Michigan!).

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