Doctoral student and post-doc positions in probabilistic programming, reliable and automated Bayesian inference and Stan

Several doctoral student and post-doc positions in probabilistic modeling and machine learning in Helsinki and Aalto! I’m also one of the potential supervisors in probabilistic programming, reliable and automated Bayesian inference and Stan. See more at



There’s already quite the concentration of Stan development at Aalto Uni with Aki, Andre Zapico and Ari Hartikainen. There’s also lots of great stats going on that’s more general than Stan, like Piironen and Vehtari’s work on variable selection horseshoe priors and all of Aki et al.'s work on GPs, WAIC, and leave-one-out cross-validation.

In my opinion, the main thing you want out of grad school or a postdoc is good peers and good professors to learn from and work with, and who will continue to be important connections long after graduation.

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I can list also other people developing methods for Stan or using Stan in our group: Tuomas Sivula worked on EP parallelization (EP-life) and now works on leave-one-out cross-validation for loo, Eero Siivola works on shape constrained GPs to calibrate parametric pharmacokinteic models, Topi Paananen helps with projpred package and works on improvement of PSIS-LOO, Michael Riis Andersen works on ADVI improvements and uses Stan for elaborate GP experiments, Kunal Ghosh helps with ADVI improvements, Sachith Pai helps with GP experiments, Måns Magnusson starts in August and works on diagnostics and more automated Bayesian inference, Muhammad Ammad-ud-din will work on multi-source models for high dimensional cancer data sets, Iiris Sundin is working on causal analysis and queries of counterfactual events, Gabriel Riutort Mayol a visitor from Spain is working on GPs, we’re getting two other visitors from UK and Italy in the near future, and several others in our department are also using Stan.

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Wow! Can’t wait to meet the gang in Helsinki in August.