Paid part-time head TA for online Bayes course targeted for Global south in spring 2023

In 2021 and 2022, we organized a free online Bayesian Data Analysis course targeted for Global south and other underrepresented groups: Bayesian Data Analysis course - GSU 2022

We’re looking to hire a head TA to work part-time to help to organize the course. Something like 40% work time for 15 weeks. The exact working time per week is negotiable. Please send me a message if you would be interested. Last spring, the head TA was @mjhajharia, and she can tell more about how much work it was.

In addition to head TA, we’re hoping to get many voluntary TAs as last year to help students, but each voluntary TA has much less work to do and only on selected weeks. I’ll post about this more after we have the head TA.


it was fun, and not a heavy workload as there are many other TAs as well and most assignments are peer-graded so you only work with conflicts / doubts and final projects. happy to talk to anybody interested!

@avehtari I would be interested to know more and avail this opportunity. I have taught both undergrad courses (Statistics, Media and Public Speaking) while I did my PhD at UConn and then also taught professional courses as an instructor in workplace settings for introductory and advanced analytics including applied Bayesian modeling with WinBugs and Stan/Brms ecosystems

@mjhajharia How much time commitment does it need? Are the times flexible? (Have a full time day-time job but love teaching)