Community reaction to #BLM

Following the SGB statement of support to the Black Community I felt like members of the community might also want to share what they are doing or general actionable tips to improve the small corner of the world that is Bayesian statistics. This is a thread to share inspiration on what we could for marginalized communities in general and black people in particular beyond words of support.


Since this is a technical forum, I don’t think it is a good place to have deep discussions on issues that are tightly coupled to politics, so please keep this to just sharing specific things community members could do. If you however think some discussion/additional context is warranted, please post a link to a place where such a discussion is happening.

I also know that some members of the community have been stressed out by the recent events and have expressed that they are happy that this forum doesn’t remind them of the events. For this reason I want to keep the content in this one thread, which anyone can mute if they prefer so (the button with the bell icon at the bottom of the page).

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I’d like to bring to your attention the Columbia Virtual Campus initiative, which offers tutoring sessions for $30 / hour in a broad array of subjects. The fees are donated to organizations supporting the black community, such as the Black Visions Collective. See:

I’m offering tutoring services in statistics / math / physics and advice for students applying to PhD programs. I’m also happy to cover advanced topics such as Bayesian modeling with Stan, pharmacometrics modeling with Torsten, or go over particular papers (e.g. review on automatic differentiation, improved \hat R, simulation based calibration, fundamentals of MCMC theory, ODE-based models, etc.). To set the tone, let me emphasize that this a tutoring service, less so a consulting one. I think of it as an office hour and expect the tutee to come in with specific questions in mind. If the time slots I offer do not work for you, feel free to contact me and we can work something out.

Also, please advertise this opportunity to students and professionals who may interested to participate either as tutees or tutors. Thank you!


As a citizen of a small European country, I felt a bit removed from the particular struggles that happen in the US. But I quickly realized my country also has a lot of debt towards its marginalized communities, especially the Romani people. I’ve read up on recent incidents and I donated to a local group supporting Romani students in pursuit of higher education. I also offered to tutor the students they support for a few hours a month for free in math/stats/programming.

I’ve also supported the drive to rename the Fisher lecture petition on, some background on Twitter