Private tutoring - please help!

I would like to add to the recent post asking for a private tutor for brms/stan

I understand that people on this forum might be wary about advertising “commercial” services on here, but the thing is that I am currently trying to learn Bayesian methods - I am using the various resources: BDA3, Kruschke’s book, Gelman, Vehtaris recent book and 'McElreath. These are great! But when analyzing my data I encounter issues that are not (as far as I am aware) discussed in these books.

Ideally I would knock on a colleague’s door, and ask questions and periodically give them a bottle of wine or invite them to dinner, but unfortunately none of my colleagues use Bayesian methods.

For this reason i also wanted to ask - are there any people on here who would give some private tutoring/consulting to answer questions that I have - I would of course expect to pay going rates. My area of research is in psychology and HCI, (and I would also be interested in collaboration/co-authorship)