Private tutoring - please help!

I would like to add to the recent post asking for a private tutor for brms/stan

I understand that people on this forum might be wary about advertising “commercial” services on here, but the thing is that I am currently trying to learn Bayesian methods - I am using the various resources: BDA3, Kruschke’s book, Gelman, Vehtaris recent book and 'McElreath. These are great! But when analyzing my data I encounter issues that are not (as far as I am aware) discussed in these books.

Ideally I would knock on a colleague’s door, and ask questions and periodically give them a bottle of wine or invite them to dinner, but unfortunately none of my colleagues use Bayesian methods.

For this reason i also wanted to ask - are there any people on here who would give some private tutoring/consulting to answer questions that I have - I would of course expect to pay going rates. My area of research is in psychology and HCI, (and I would also be interested in collaboration/co-authorship)




If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the resources over on the Stan for cognitive science page (inc. link to vids of a psych grad stats course I taught entirely with Stan).

I’m too busy for any contract work myself these days but hopefully others might have gotten in contact with you privately. Certainly you should feel free to post questions as they arise either here on the Stan Discourse forum or over on the Stan Slack channel.