SGB statement of support to the Black Community

As an open-source community, we strive to have an inclusive environment that welcomes a variety of ideas and people from different backgrounds. It is important we acknowledge acts of racism and discrimination, and reflect on steps we can take as a community to create and nurture a welcoming environment.

As individuals, we are engaging in self-reflection as we consider ways that we all can be agents of change in our personal and professional lives. Speaking on behalf of the Stan Governing Body, we acknowledge that the composition of the Stan community and its development team is not as diverse as it would be in a world without systemic racism and bias.

Our belief is that we, the SGB, are positioned to address this unrepresentativeness by creating a welcoming environment that can embrace the contributions of newcomers. To us, this means adopting a proactive Code of Conduct, improving the resources in our site to encourage new and diverse contributors, and putting in place transparent technical governance structures. The SGB is always committed and open to hear suggestions from the Stan community and we encourage you all to send your suggestions.

The Stan Governing Body stands in support with the Black community as we firmly believe that treating everyone with dignity and respect is a responsibility we all share.

Be excellent to each other!
The Stan Governing Body