Stan code of conduct call for feedback

Hello Everyone!

The @SGB tasked @stevebronder and I to creating a Stan Code of Conduct (for more on this see here). We’ve been hard at work and are ready for community feedback!

Click here to see our draft

After several discussions we decided that the best way to ensure that people can give their most honest feedback would be to create a google form that community members could submit their feedback to anonymously. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to submit them in the form below! The form will be open from now until September 13th. After collecting everyone’s comments we will take action on them in a final version and submit the final version to the Stan Governing Body (SGB). After the deadline and final CoC version has been submitted to the SGB, Lauren and I will make a report summarizing all the feedback and how we addressed each one and whether we could take action on the feedback in the final version of the Code of Conduct.

Click here to provide anonymous feedback

Any comments or feedback are very welcome!