Announcing the formation of a committee to develop a Stan code of conduct

Dear Stan community,

Stan is a NumFOCUS sponsored project and we currently use the NumFOCUS code of conduct, but the Stan Governing Body (SGB) would like to develop a CoC and reporting procedures customized for the Stan project.

After researching how other projects have developed their CoCs and considering the challenges the previous SGB encountered when taking on this issue, we have decided to form a small committee separate from the SGB that will take the lead on developing a proposal for a CoC tailored to fit the Stan project.

We are excited to announce that Lauren Kennedy (@lauren), Shravan Vasishth (@vasishth), and Steve Bronder (@stevebronder) have agreed to be the the initial three members of this committee. They will have the autonomy to add additional members to the committee and decide how to operate as a group. Once the committee has developed a proposal there will be a public request for comment to solicit feedback from the Stan community.

We look forward to sharing that proposal when ready and getting your feedback!