Announcement of Elections for Code of Conduct Adjudication Committee

Hi All,

As was announced in August, Stan has a new and own code of conduct, see here. The proposal requires volunteers to serve on an issue adjudication group separate from the SGB, to be concurrent with SGB elections. We strongly encourage those who care about the vibrancy and inclusiveness of the community to volunteer. The time commitment for this position is expected to be variable (~5 hours per week while an issue is open) with most months having no issues at all. This year, there were no issues brought for adjudication.

Nomination period opens on the 15th of November and closes on the 30th of November. We will open a nomination thread on the 15th. Please consider nominating yourself.

Each individual of the CoC is voted on separately with “rejection voting”. These votes will occur at the same time (Dec 1 - Dec 15) and Helios voting portal as the voting for the new SGB. See here for details. If more than 1/3 of the voting electorate “reject” an individual then they will not hold the position. We are looking for a code of conduct committee that consists of three to five individuals, with no more than

  • two active developers,
  • two community members of any single field,
  • one person in an existing position of power (e.g. tech leads or SGB member),
  • two people employed by the same workplace (unless in the case of a committee with less than 4 members where no two may share the same employer),

We’d be very happy if we could find one member of the CoC committee who would be up for a longer “two terms of the SGB” to ensure continuity and procedural sharing. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Kind regards,


I think most people interested in Stan are not actually reading the forums very frequently, so I just wanted to suggest tweeting this (and the main SGB election announcement) from the Stan twitter account.


Yes I agree with Jonah there! I also think the Slack group is active (?) and it would be good to get diverse representation of the community across the different modalities. :)