Elections for the next Stan Governing Body

Dear Stan community and @Stan_Development_Team,

It has been almost a year since the current five members of the Stan Governing Body (the @SGB) were elected, which means it is time to start thinking about the next elections. Below you will find the timeline we would like to follow for the elections, some other important details about the election, and links to information about the SGB.

Anyone in the Stan community can nominate themselves, so please think about whether you would be interested in volunteering to help the Stan community in this way. If you know anyone you think would be good for this role please also encourage them to consider nominating themselves.

If you are thinking about nominating yourself but have questions, you can either ask publicly by responding to this post or privately by emailing board@mc-stan.org.

Timeline for nominations and voting

Here is the timeline we would like to follow, but adjustments can be made if necessary:

  • Nov 15 - Nov 30: Nominations open (like last year, there will be a thread on the forums specifically for nominations)
  • Dec 1 - Dec 15: Voting open (last year https://heliosvoting.org/ worked well so we are planning to use that again)
  • January 2021: Transition between governing bodies

Other important information about the election

  • Based on the feedback from Request for feedback: staggering SGB terms, people will be able to nominate themselves for a term of either 1 or 2 years. This will help ensure continuity on the SGB.
  • Anyone can nominate themselves for the SGB. You do not need to be a Stan developer, just someone interested in the future of the Stan project. Both the current and previous SGB included a mix of developers and other Stan community members.
  • To nominate yourself please respond to the nominations thread here on the Stan forums, which will be created when nominations open. We encourage all nominees to briefly summarize their experiences with Stan and their goals for the SGB. For examples of past nominations, here is last year’s forum thread with SGB nominations: Nominations for the next Stan Governing Body.
  • Currently the electorate consists of Stan “developers”, however we are hopeful that before voting starts the electorate will expand to include some of Stan’s most active community members (we are finalizing revisions of our previous proposal to recognize important members of the Stan community not currently classified as developers).

Info about the SGB