Elections for the Stan Governing Body 2024

It’s this time of the year again!

We’re renewing the Stan Governing Body (SGB) with this year up to 4 seats for grabs. Meanwhile, @s.maskell will continue serving the board to complete his two years term. As in previous years, we will use the Stan forums for nominations.

Please respond to this post to self-nominate for either a 1-year or 2-year term on SGB before February 15th. We encourage all nominees to briefly summarize their experiences with Stan and their goals for the SGB. Feel free to add links to any content you think is relevant. And if you know someone who you think would be a good fit for the SGB please let them know and encourage them to nominate themselves.

For other details about the election and links to information about the SGB see Elections for the next Stan Governing Body . For examples of past nominations, here is last year’s thread.


Hi all,
I’d like to self-nominate for a one year term.

Stan was my entry point into Bayesian statistics around 2017. Since then, Bayesian statistics has become main focus of my work, including collaboration on Bayesian workflow and the SBC package. Despite nabbling into theoretical developments I consider myself primarily an applied statistics person and have worked on a number of applications of Bayesian methods.

I have contributed some, but not a lot of code and documentation to Stan math, brms and cmdstanr.

Between 2019-2021 I held the position of community manager for this forum. Since then I had to take a bit of a break from participating in the community.

I’d like my participation in SGB to be a delayed continuation of my work on the forums. I’d like to focus on keeping the community welcoming to new people while making sure active members/contributors are appreciated. It would also be a good opportunity to get back to some projects on improving those forums I have shelved when I left the community manager position e.g. Restructuring The Forums - Kick-off


Dear all,
I would like to run for reelection and serve another year on the SGB.

I stand by the statement I released a year ago. At the time, my priority was to bring back StanCon in person. Since then we held StanCon 2023 in St Louis, MO and we are now actively organizing StanCon 2024 in Oxford, UK. For both conferences I have/am serving on the organization committee.

I’m proud of the event we had in St Louis. The conference was a success, offering high quality tutorials and talks across a broad range of fields. We had great attendance, including veteran Stan users and developers, as well as many people new to the software. We were also able to provide many scholarships and attract young scientists and members of underrepresented groups in STEM. So far, I’ve found scholarships to be by far the most effective way to fulfill the SGB’s mission to promote diversity in the Stan community. We’ve also learned a few lessons: I want to push for more comprehensive scholarships, which can cover travel costs in addition to attendance and accomodation, and make sure we provide online content to increase the outreach of StanCon.

In addition to working on StanCon 2024, I’ve also reached out to candidate organizers across four continents, and I want to push future StanCons to take place outside of North American and Europe. I’m confident we can work towards having many StanCons in the years to come across the world.

Finally, I’ll emphasize that I’m well connected to many members of the Stan community and now have experience working with NumFocus, the umbrella non-profit which helps the Stan project process finance and handle various legal items

I hope the community will choose to trust me for another year, and I thank you all for your consideration.

Charles Margossian