SGB 2020 General Updates

SGB Update – February 2020

  • A Code of Conduct (CoC) committee was formed so they can work on a draft, seek feedback and include people who have previously expressed changes to the current CoC. Announcement in Discourse: Announcing the formation of a committee to develop a Stan code of conduct

  • Martin Modrak (Discourse manager) payment was approved.

  • Proposal for recognition of users and categories for voting purposes. Thread can be found here: Request for input: a new mechanism for recognizing our most enthusiastic users - Stan Governance - The Stan Forums

  • Motion SGB2020-2: Approval for $20,000 from Stan funds to support StanCon scholarships that will be supporting underrepresented members of the Stan community. Proposal document was presented by Sue Marquez and Daniel Lee (members of the StanCon committee)

  • Website re-development is an ongoing discussion. The SGB is currently looking at examples of open-source projects websites and the contractors who designed them to get quotes and design ideas.