Free Bayesian Data Analysis course targeted for Global south

We’re organizing a free Bayesian Data Analysis course targeted for Global south and other underrepresented groups. This is currently the third rendition of the BDA GSU course. Please see more information and the link to the registration form at the course web page.

The course is based on BDA3 book and BDA course at Aalto University. All course material is freely available.

This is not the easiest Bayes course. Compared to many introduction courses there is more focus on the computational methods and overall workflow. The registration form requires you to answer some prerequisite questions. The web page has recommendations for easier material.

As all the material is free, you can choose to study at your own pace. We recommend registering and following the common schedule to benefit from the support of your peers and TAs.

If you want to volunteer to be a TA for the course, the course web page has also a link to TA registration.

The head TA is @mjhajharia who did great job also in 2022.

The course is supported by Stan governing body, Numfocus, and Eduflow is supporting us by providing a free license of Peergrade tool.


Thanks @avehtari!

Here are a few things for applicants: the form will close very soon, so please apply if you wish to. additionally, most of you should have already received a response. please check your spam folder in inbox before asking again, it is the most common reason why you did not receive a response. we try to be flexible with a lot of things, so if you’re seriously interested then apply and mention any possible things you might need extra help/accommodation with in the comments.

Another thing: We could use more voluntary TAs, it’s alright if you are only free even a specific week, as most voluntary TAs keep getting time in between, please sign up here

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