Free Bayesian Data Analysis course targeted for global south and other underrepresented groups

I’m organizing a free Bayesian data analysis course for 300 students starting 4th March (first deadline 12th March) with priority for global south and other underrepresented groups. The course is copy of my Aalto BDA course and possible with volunteer TAs. The course web page.

All the material (the book, videos, extra material, assignemnts) are freely available so you can also study at your own pace. The duration is 12 weeks (until the last week of May) with fixed schedule so you can study together and get support from other students and volunteer TAs.

There is a limit of 300 students as this is feasible amount for me to handle. The course uses peergrading which I have successfully used for many years in my course. This way the TAs can focus on helping with learning instead of checking the reports.

This is not the easiest course for learning Bayes (and doesn’t cover everything), but it can be your first Bayesian course if your mathematical and programming skills are sufficient. See the prerequisites on the course web site.

If you want to join the course, register as a student using the link on the course web site. We prioritize global south and other underrepresented groups. If you are not certain whether you can commit for 12 weeks, you can self-study all the material in your own pace.

If you want to help others to learn Bayesian data analysis, register as a TA at You can be a TA if you can commit for at least 2 hours in your chosen week. I’ll email link to the course chat to TAs. Active TAs will get a personal certificate from me.

There will be no official certificate from Aalto University for passing the course.

Please read more information at the course web page Bayesian Data Analysis course - GSU 2021.

Please help by advertising especially for global south, underrepresented groups, and potential TAs.

EDIT: fixed the first deadline date and the last link
EDIT2: the registration link has changed