How to cite case studies + DOIs?

Should we try to figure out how to assign DOIs to case studies? That’d push us one step closer to being a journal. All we’d need is a title, maybe something snappy like Stan Case Studies, and volume numbers and maybe even page numbers.

For now, the way to cite is:

In the spirit of Stack Overflow answers to GitHub questions, here’s some good advice for citing online sources:


DOIs are a bit annoying as it seems that you need to pay money to be able to assign DOIs (for example Crossref membership starts at $275/year and they charge additional $1/registered item)

If all you want are nice, more stable and more “academic” citations, obtaining an ISSN might be a better option.

Last time I checked, it was fairly easy to obtain an ISSN (and its free):
You just send 1st issue (a bundle of at least 5 articles) to ISSN organization.Source:

For online sources you actually don’t need volumes and page numbers, you can simply assign article numbers (ascending, resets every year).

So the citation would look something like
Cooney, Mick (2017). Modelling loss curves in insurance with RStan. Stan Case Studies [article number]. Retrieved from

So almost the same, but Stan Case Studies is now in the ISSN database and can possibly be also recognized by some indexing authority.

The code for the case studies could be archived in Zenodo, that would give
them a DOI.

That’s what we’re doing for the software itself. Would it work for the code plus the doc for the case studies? If so, we should probably do that, as people have told me that they can only cite things with DOIs in some cases.

If not, it might still be worththe cost—the case studies are very valuable and we want them to be as useful as possible for both authors and readers.

Is there a way to cite Stancon 2018 submissions or do we have to wait until the edited versions are posted online?

I just got notified of acceptance and I’d like to include a citation in a grant proposal that’s due in a couple weeks.

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I think so, but you would have to put each one in their own repository.

I’d just cite it as “in press” or something like that.

Last year, they didn’t go up until after the conference to allow for any last-minute changes.

Any update on using DOIs for StanCon case studies?

I would love to get DOIs for all StanCon contributed talks. I’m going to start a separate topic about this.