StanCon contributed talks now have DOIs

All contributed talks from StanCon 2017 (New York) and StanCon 2018 (Asilomar) now have DOIs through Zenodo. To find the DOI for your talk use the following links, select your talk from the list, and then scroll down:

We’ll do the same for Helsinki contributed talks after the conference.


For authors of contributed talks: if you want to edit the description/blurb for your entry, or if you want to change your html file to a pdf so Zenodo displays a preview (it’s a shame it doesn’t do this for html files), or anything else along those lines, that’s no problem. Just send me the updated text or document (PM to @jonah preferably).

Thanks a lot for dealing with all this @jonah.

Thanks also for explaining to me (with @ariddell) why it’s important during the meeting today. Quick summary for everyone else: (1) stable versioning so references point to a single version of the work, (2) archiving of stable version so content in a reference doesn’t change out from under it, and (3) official reference links for publication venues that require DOIs. I hadn’t thought about the importance of (1) and (2) before.

And thanks to @marianne and others for suggesting Zenodo. It was super straightforward and free (albeit time consuming) to set this up via Zenodo.

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I have also added DOI badges, e.g.,


for each talk over at the stancon_talks repository.

And all first authors / presenters should have received an email from me about this.

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Zenodo is what @ariddell has been using for PyStan releases.

You can see the badges here:

Should we do those elsewhere or put them on the web site more prominently? I don’t think our how-to-cite has the DOIs. I’ve always just ignored them or actively removed them from BibTeX because they seemed like clutter.