Interface Zenodo DOI citations

In the meeting today, it was brought up that we should start showing the Zenodo DOI citation links (like this) on the interface’s github pages. My question is - what do we want them to link to? I believe maybe 4 months ago I was at a meeting where we talked about JUST having a stan-dev/stan DOI, not individual ones for each interface… Is that right? Do we still feel this way? If so I can have them link to the Stan DOI above.

There should probably be a DOI for each citation if there are some fussy gatekeeper somewhere who won’t accept citations without DOIs:

That includes the manual.

You can see the fancy graphical link for the DOI on the README for stan-dev/stan: Presumably that’s auto-generated.

Okay, I added ones to PyStan, CmdStan, and the Math library that point to their respective Zenodo DOIs. Apparently the way we release rstan and the manual aren’t compatible with Zenodo’s situation.

Great. And thanks for checking on the manuals. Anyone have any ideas how to get DOIs for the manuals? Is the DOI for the software or the manual anyway?

The zenodo DOIs are for a GitHub release of a repo.