DOIs for StanCon contributed talks

I would very much like to provide DOIs for all of the past and future StanCon contributed talks hosted at

I know very little about the process of obtaining DOIs and I have seen conflicting information online about the steps required (e.g. do we really need to go directly to a DOI registration agency or can we use some simpler intermediary service?).

Can someone who knows something about this point me in the right direction or help me make this happen? @marianne, you know a bit about this process, right? Maybe @ariddell too if I recall correctly?

Hi @jonah,

You probably don’t want to go directly with a DOI registration agency (for reference, they are, unless you’re planning on setting up and maintaining a publishing service yourself (

You can upload your materials to Zenodo ( and obtain a DOI this way. This is what the Carpentries ( do.

Another service I know of is Authorea (,,

In principle, you could also go through arXiv (, which you’re familiar with, but I guess it’s not a good practice, it’s not the ‘spirit’ according to:

Thanks @marianne!

In my opinion Zenodo is the right option here – the arXiv isn’t really appropriate.

Yeah, agreed. I’ll look into the Zenodo option.

PyStan’s using zenodo, as you can see from the DOI link on its GitHub page. GitHub is very cleverly instrumented for the little badges as you can see from the source of that page.

We now have DOIs for all StanCon 2017 talks:

I’ll take care of StanCon 2018 Asilomar next. And I’ll also post a real announcement once those are also done.


Cool! Thanks, Jonah.

It’s now only a hop, skip, and a jump to starting our own applied and computational stats journal :-).