Do we need to be testing against different library versions?

Right now, we’re only testing with what’s in Stan Math, but should we be testing:

  • Boost 1.60.0 and 1.62.0
  • Eigen 3.2.9 and 3.3.0?

The question is when do we have to switch over
to the new versions? It looks like BH is at 1.60
and RcppEigen at 3.2.9.

I’m OK just testing what’s in Stan math until BH and/or
RcppEigen upgrade. If it’s not too much trouble to both
set up and then tear down later, it’d be nice to test
both while we know they’re ready to drop at any moment.

  • Bob

Let’s just test what’s in Math. I don’t think I want to tackle adding 4x more testing for math just yet. (or 3x if we treat them independently.)


BH went to 1.62.0 today. RcppEigen is probably not going to 3.3.0 for a little while.

Good timing. We’ll merge it for Stan math 3.3.

  • Bob