Stan v2.17.0

Last meeting we talked about doing a release for 2.17.0 with the algebraic solver and multiple translation units inlining fix. @charlesm93 and @bgoodri Is everything where it needs to be for these features for 2.17.0 across repos? Does anyone else have outstanding stuff that was supposed to go in this release that I’m forgetting?

I’d really like the newest changes to the GP chapter to get in. it’s
sitting as a PR right here:


Looks like the PR has merge conflicts - want me to take a look at resolving them?

Thanks, I can fix the conflicts, but it also looks like tests failed, and I didn’t understand what was going on there. Could you take a look at those?

The inline stuff is not merged yet. We are still figuring out how to test it in Stan. Also, Mitzi is upgrading Boost to 1.64 in Math and fixing some problems that came up as a result.

Aki found some errors in the documentation of the algebra_solver function. I submitted a pull request with fixes, which needs to be reviewed. Also need to fix the all.bib file which I edited with bibdesk, and which I wasn’t suppose to do (but this should be a matter of minutes).

Sounds like we’re going to have to wait for the Jenkins jam to clear out. It also sounded like Dirk was OK waiting a couple days before releasing a new BH package, which is what we need the Boost changes for.

So Mitzi and Rob’s stuff is in. @bgoodri just to double check - did the aforementioned “inline stuff” get in? I’m not sure which pull request that was referring to. Once it’s in I’ll go ahead and release 2.17.0.


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