Feature Request: Root Finder/Algebra Solver in Stan

It would be very helpful for me to have access to an algebra solver easily callable in Stan.

I know that there is a version under development (here: https://github.com/stan-dev/math/pull/516) but it is not available yet in the standard build. Would it be possible to have this be pushed to a standard build in some near upcoming version?

I know this is in the works, but figured it’d be worth noting my interest on the forum just in case.


Charles is working on the final fixes. It will probably go into Stan 2.17.

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Also it is great to know who is interested in these features! Other than actually helping code there’s not much to do to make it go faster—much of the slowdown comes from us being a small team which means we can’t ship features that we’re not ready to support and that means we have fairly strict guidelines for testing, code quality, etc…