New v2.17.1 release for Math and Stan?

Given the patch @seantalts made to the Math library (thanks!), I’d like us to consider releasing a new version of the library soon. If users are seeing runtimes of 1/4 relative to v2.17.0, then I think it’s probably well worth the effort. We don’t really need to patch anything else; there’s also no backwards incompatibility.




Easy to say for me given that work is on others… however, it sounds like a very good idea to me.

I’d say it’s probably a good idea. There is one bug that I found in the development version of CmdStan that wasn’t in the 2.17.0 release version, but that’s a somewhat separate issue from the Stan library itself.

If the 2.17.1 release = master + 1 commit, I think it is fine. Some other stuff has been merged into develop that requires C++11, so that should wait for 2.18.x.

Good point.

Release v2.18.0?

I think I would favor master + 1 commit. I don’t think we want the last Stan that is compatible with a non-C++11 compiler to be slow.

I like your point, @bgoodri… but I can’t compile RStan 2.16 without a C++11 capable compiler. This may not be true for cmdstan, but in practice the 2.16 RStan release is already a C++11 beast. I have g++ 4.6 and Intel 2015 compilers; none of them worked. Only a g++ 6.3 got me RStan 2.16 building.

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That’s OK for doing once, but I don’t want to maintain C++03 and C++11 versions of Stan on an ongoing basis.

There’s actually a bit of effort needed to merge that one PR back into master. My vote is to just move forward given what @wds15 reported back.

Can’t we just revert 1 commit from master? I think @wds15 is experiencing a problem where I accidentally made StanHeaders 2.16 use a C++11 construct that isn’t present in StanHeaders > 2.16.

Mind trying? I tried, but I’m at the limit of my git fu.

I believe it is just

git checkout master
git checkout -b bugfix/revert_string
git revert -m 1 -n 6fc8e2a598ec1839f82deb0ba81853d0faad5df5 # has conflicts
# fix formatting of stan/math/prim/scal/err/check_2F1_converges.hpp in editor
# fix formatting of stan/math/prim/scal/err/check_3F2_converges.hpp in editor
git add stan/math/prim/scal/err/check_2F1_converges.hpp
git add stan/math/prim/scal/err/check_3F2_converges.hpp
git revert --continue

Running the unit tests now to make sure it is okay.

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Thanks! @seantalts, if @bgoodri has it all ready to go, is that something that’s easy to release?

Releases are easier but still not that easy.

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Encountered one test failure with clang-4.0 so far. Not sure if it was always that way.

Does anyone remember fixing an error like this when the checks use char*?

make -j1 test/unit/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive_test
clang++-4.0 -Wall -I . -isystem lib/eigen_3.3.3 -isystem lib/boost_1.64.0 -isystem lib/cvodes_2.9.0/include -std=c++1y -DBOOST_RESULT_OF_USE_TR1 -DBOOST_NO_DECLTYPE -DBOOST_DISABLE_ASSERTS -DBOOST_PHOENIX_NO_VARIADIC_EXPRESSION -stdlib=libc++ -Wno-unused-function -Wno-uninitialized -DGTEST_USE_OWN_TR1_TUPLE -DGTEST_HAS_PTHREAD=0 -isystem lib/gtest_1.7.0/include -isystem lib/gtest_1.7.0 -O3 -DGTEST_USE_OWN_TR1_TUPLE -DGTEST_HAS_PTHREAD=0 -isystem lib/gtest_1.7.0/include -isystem lib/gtest_1.7.0 -O3 -DNO_FPRINTF_OUTPUT -pipe  -c -o test/unit/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive_test.o test/unit/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive_test.cpp
In file included from test/unit/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive_test.cpp:1:
In file included from ./stan/math/prim/scal.hpp:50:
./stan/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive.hpp:24:54: error: ordered comparison between pointer and zero ('double (*)(const char *)' and 'int')
          if (!boost::is_unsigned<T_y>::value && !(y > 0))
                                                   ~ ^ ~
./stan/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive.hpp:66:50: note: in instantiation of member function 'stan::math::(anonymous namespace)::positive<double (const char *), false>::check' requested here
      positive<T_y, is_vector_like<T_y>::value>::check(function, name, y);
test/unit/math/prim/scal/err/check_positive_test.cpp:8:19: note: in instantiation of function template specialization 'stan::math::check_positive<double (const char *)>' requested here
  EXPECT_NO_THROW(check_positive(function, "x", nan));
1 error generated.

Yes! is_nan is not properly included somewhere so it finds an unrelated function with that name instead.


Commit SHA?

No idea. Can’t check right now.

It is the test file mentioned in the error