C++11 is here!

CmdStan, Stan, and Math repos should now have C++11 enabled (well, actually -std=c++1y). See this page and the .travis.yml files to see which compilers we want to support and actually test with, and the subset of C++14 supported (should be the entirety of C++11).

Please let me know if anyone experiences difficulties with this transition. Lambda away!


This is great, although perhaps we should consider not merging anything that uses C++11 specific features until after we get 2.17 out the door.

Maybe we generally want to have a feature freeze or make a 2.17-rc1 branch that we can merge to for the release?

We could follow the gitflow workflow more closely. We skipped steps due to the added git complexity, but I think enough of us are git-saavy enough to handle a running release branch in parallel with develop.

@syclik You’re talking about this workflow right? I went ahead and tagged a release-2.17.0 branch in math and stan following that workflow. I can take care of merging remaining PRs that we want in this release into that branch and then eventually into master where I can tag the 2.17.0 release. I’ll then merge this branch back into develop in case there are commits there that weren’t merged into develop.

To support this, I’m going to change the base branch on the pull requests that I know are important for 2.17.0, which at this point is maybe just the boost 1.64.0 one? This is as simple as choosing the new release branch, which someone should do for things that should go into 2.17.0:

Let me know if anyone has issues with this! We don’t necessarily have to follow this going forward, but it’s a nice tool / framework for cases like this.

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Agreed. It’s also what we all agreed to in a meeting a while back when we thought 2.17 would be out soon.