Close issues on GitHub!

I’d highly recommend closing issues that we can’t make progress on due to not enough specification. Would anyone mind if I created a tag for “needs more detail” or something like that? Ideally, we would be able to either add enough detail to remove that tag or close it after some time.

Thanks, @Bob_Carpenter, for closing a few issues. I’ll follow your lead and clean up as many issues as I can.

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Sounds like a good idea to me.

I agree that a label would be helpful. Mind adding one, Sean? We need it on at least the math and stan repos.

I always try to ask for clarification when issues come in, but then I forget until I do big passes over them. So it’ll be great to be able to find all the ones that need clarification.

I think what we want is issues that are technical specs, not just generic feature requests. Othewise, we should discuss on mailing list or Wiki or in a Google doc or whatever.