Newbie tag on repos?

Sean is suggesting adding a tag that would indicate
that a particular issue is easy.

I’m all for that. At the NumFOCUS meeting, a lot of
the projects said they tried to provide gateway issues
for new developers to the point of intentionally not
fixing some easy things so there’d be easy issues in
the first place.

The discussion we had before was that there are several
dimensions to difficulty: math, stats, algorithms, and C++

But I agree that the append arrays is easy no matter how
you slice it.

Any suggestions on what to use as a label? How about
"easy" or “simple”? I think “newbie” is too cutesy.

  • Bob

“Easy” and “simple” can come across as derogatory for people who don’t immediately understand the issue or its solution. I’d go with something more explicit, like “new_dev_project” or “new_dev_appropriate”.

Good point.

Maybe we could even go with “new dev friendly”

  • Bob

+1 "new dev friendly"
I don’t think I have permission to add tags yet but I can add it eventually.

Can see where that takes us and if we find we still need to annotate the particular dimensions on which an issue is friendly or knowledge-intensive.

I went ahead and added “new dev friendly” labels to stan-dev/stan
and stan-dev/math.

I also gave you owner permission to stan-dev. If you have questions
about process, please ask me or Daniel.

  • Bob
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