Math library: closing issues and pull requests a little more proactively

Hey all,

I wanted to make sure I had the backing of the TWG before I did this. I want to close Math issues and pull requests a little more proactively. Does anyone mind if I adjust the labels for issues while I’m at it?

It’ll help us know what’s active and reduce the burden on maintainers. Here’s where we’re at:

  • 220 open issues
  • 16 open pull requests, but more than half don’t pass tests and a lot of them are waiting for the contributor to finish it out

In my mind, after trimming it down, we end up with issues that are either bugs or are specified well enough to implement (maybe we’ll have an “accepted” label or something like that). Pull request that take a while will be closed a little more proactively.

Thoughts? I’m trying to bring down the burden on the maintainers; just reducing the cognitive load is useful, I think.

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I agree it’s useful. I don’t think you need anyone’s permission to do this in the math lib. I’d like to see it done elsewhere, too.

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Thanks for the support. Some of the Math devs have also reached out with their support (they can’t post in this category).