Math library pull requests... I'm going to assign tasks over the next week

Hey all,

We’ve got a backlog of 17 pull requests right now. I’ll walk through all of them and assign actions to people. Please feel free to write back saying that you can’t do it.

I’ll probably add a bunch of new labels to help keep track of status.


@syclik add me to the list!

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I just added a couple labels (for math):

  • “wip”: work in progress. Not really ready for a PR yet.
  • “needs work”: indicates that there’s more work to be done on the PR and it’s not ready yet.


  • #720: review
  • #744: review after tests pass waiting on updates
  • #761: review carefully
  • #699: merge when testing is done.
  • #737: review


  • #687: please merge develop back into your branch. After that, I’ll assign someone to review.


  • #738: pull request closed for now. Please reopen when it needs another review.
  • #737: need to update branch to boost 1.66


  • #744: update branch to develop update code


  • #751: please review. If you want to just review the operands and partials part, please let me know and we can get a second reviewer on it.
  • #762: merge when ready


  • #759: needs the doxygen errors to be fixed; we can assign someone to review it after.


  • #677: accept changes or ask for more changes


  • #677: accept changes or ask for more changes
  • #715: merge if you’re good. Please add a new issue outlining what needs to be tested for these functions. Thanks! New issue was created #763.
  • #742: accept pull request or ask for more changes

@anon79882417: if you’re looking to help out, take a look at this pull request and add a review. It’s another GP covariance function.

Thanks, Daniel!