Breck Baldwin stepping down as Stan Executive Director

Effective immediately I am stepping down as Executive Director. All my communications are from me as an individual from this point forward.

I will remain an active member of this community and continue to work at Columbia on Stan.

Thank you for the opportunity to help build a sustainable Stan.



Best of luck Breck! You’ve done a great job getting everything up and running!

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Don’t send flowers yet folks! I am still around and not going away. Just stepping down from a leadership position.



Thank you for your leadership and contributions!

Enjoy the (relative) peace and quiet–I know I have.

Thanks for all the work you’ve done Breck! I sincerely appreciate all the time you’ve put into this.

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@breckbaldwin, thank you! It’s been a pleasure working with you on the SGB. I’m really glad you’re sticking around. There are two things that I’m very grateful that you did:

  1. making the meetings more public and open
  2. handling StanCon.

I know most of the people don’t know the work you’ve done behind the scenes. I want to share one story (of many) where you went above and beyond for the Stan community. This happened at StanCon 2018 in Asilomar. On the last day, you were told at 11:30 am that we were losing our space at 1 pm – meaning the last half-day of the conference would have been lost. Between 11:30 am and noon (lunch), you managed to get Asilomar to provide us space, came up with a plan to have us set up by 1 pm in a new space, coordinate with the contracted AV company to set up in a new space, communicate to the attendees, and actually have us running again within an hour and a half of the news breaking. The conference kept going and that was thanks to you. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Thanks, Breck.