StanCon committee for 2019

On behalf of the Stan Governing Body I am looking for volunteers to work on StanCon 2019. The rough shape looks like it will be in Europe and at the end of August.

Email me if you are interested We will start working in a week (Nov 14) or so.

All past StanCon organizers are hereby drafted: Daniel Lee, Breck Baldwin, Aki Veharti but they hopefully will function mostly as institutional memory. We need new blood.

What is before the committee:

  1. Look at previous StanCon surveying to be responsive to what happened before.
  2. Pick a venue (we have a solid lead on one now).
  3. Pick a leader. It is not that hard, you will have lots of help. Full time effort during StanCon, 5 hrs on average a week from Jan to August.
  4. Setup basic structure of event. How many days of tutorials? How many days of conference.
  5. Clean up paper submission process. Get someone to manage review process.
  6. Select invited speakers, invite them.
  7. Decide on SWAG (t-shirts etc…).
  8. Whatever I have forgotten…


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