StanCon 2019?

I haven’t seen any mention of StanCon 2019; is there going to be one?

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That has yet to be finalized. But probably. There aren’t any other details at the moment.

@breckbaldwin Is there more word on this? Lots of people need to plan ahead, so the earlier we announce, the more people we can expect to be able to attend.

Two Month Bump!

Oh, off-by-one

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There are still not any details. Believe me, it will be announced loudly when it’s announced.

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A little birdie told me the announcement will be tomorrow, so good timing :-)


And the winner is:

  • Cambridge, UK, 20–23 August 2019.

I’m expecting @breckbaldwin to make a bigger announcement somewhere, but I haven’t seen it yet.


We don’t have contracts in place yet for Cambridge, so please don’t book flights yet or commit to other irreversible commitments.

But we have reserved the venues and are moving forward. The Stan Governing Body has approved, we have a committee, please join the committee.

The rough shape of the event is 2 days tutorials/meetings followed by 2 days of conference.


In case anyone’s reading this, the last comment is out of date. StanCon’s all ready to go:

Parliament and the EU conveniently pushed Brexit back until after the conference.