Thank you to everyone involved in StanCon 2020!

On behalf of the @SGB I’d like to echo @mitzimorris’s appreciation of everyone involved in StanCon 2020.

Thank you to the organizers @syclik @Susana_Marquez @s.maskell and Kelli Cassidy, and Kinetix Events (Sally and her team) for putting together an amazing conference in a short amount of time. (Thanks also to @yizhang, Debashis Mondal, and Eric J Ward for working on organizing the in person StanCon before the pandemic hit.)

Thank you to our sponsors Metrum, Jumping Rivers, HOXO-M, and Generable.

Thank you to the chairs of the three sessions @s.maskell @avehtari @syclik @martinmodrak @Susana_Marquez @vianeylb. I think the Q&A sessions with the speakers were great.

And of course thank you to all of many the speakers and attendees! Hope to see you again at a future StanCon.

Oh, and keep an eye out for an announcement from the organizers when all the content from the conference is posted.